Keynote Speaker: Hernan Moyano

Keynote Speaker: Hernan Moyano


hernanConnor House is pleased to introduce to you our 2014 Bosom Buddies Gala Keynote Speaker, Hernan Moyano. Like many previous Bosom Buddies galas, Connor House has chosen a speaker who is, or has been closely affected by victims or survivors of breast cancer. 

Pictured at left is Hernan with his miraculous wife, Sandra Trujillo de Moyano.  Ten days after their wedding, on October 21, 2002, Sandra was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 28.

“Live with Fearless Joy,” was a common phrase Sandra announced and displayed in her last months.  As her mother recalls, Sandra taught family and friends many lessons about how to truly live every day to the fullest.  One of her mother’s favorite Sandra phrases was, “Don’t be afraid to be happy.”  Sandra’s spirit, though her body was destined for a demise, did shine bright.

“Nothing ever stopped her from doing what she wanted to do,” says Moyano.  He fondly remembers the trip Sandra pleaded to take in her last days.  She wanted to travel to China, but refused to fly first class, and was determined to travel there instead on a cargo ship.  Yes, not at all what you would expect of a cancer victim nearing her finish line.  This request only solidified Sandra’s conviction to thoroughly live life in the present moment.  She wanted to experience this adventure and she would not let cancer hold her back.

Hernan keeps Sandra’s memory alive with the website he has created for her, Long Live Sandra Trujillo de Moyano, and by promoting our mutual philanthropy, Friends for an Earlier detection for Breast Cancer.  The organization raises money to conduct research to find a more accessible and an earlier test for women.  Connor House Bosom Buddies, along with people like Hernan and Sandra’s friends and family, all believe we can make the difference in thousands of people’s lives. “Sandra has been the most incredible miracle in my life,” says Hernan.  “She will always be with me in my heart. As she will always be in the hearts of every single person who had the glorious opportunity to meet her.”

Check out Friends’ video about Hernan and Sandra:

Connor House is privileged to have the opportunity of hearing Hernan’s beautiful memories of Sandra in person, on March 22nd, 2014.  We’ll see you at the Gala…

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