The 2016 Bosom Buddies Gala raised $117,000 for



Wow! We cannot thank our sponsors, family, and friends enough for all of the support we’ve received this past year. This year’s Bosom Buddies Gala was truly a huge success and will serve as an endless inspiration. We raised $117,000 for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test!

At $40,000 each, this money will go towards funding almost THREE entire research grants to find an earlier, biological test for breast cancer detection! We are blown away. The night would not have been a success without the celebratory energy of everyone in the room, and we would especially like to thank Sherry Cadorette for sharing her story and for empowering us to find an earlier detection rather than relying on hope alone. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to everyone that was there in spirit!

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