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Who We are

Connor House is a service and social organization of 160+ girls at Davidson College, and a member of Patterson Court. Connor House is one of four eating houses on campus. While similar to sororities, eating houses are not Greek or nationally affiliated, and differ in their recruitment process. At Davidson, eating houses practice self-selection; students rank their preferences, and are matched to houses according to their preferences. Founded at Davidson College in 1991, Connor was named for Carol Connor Willingham ’77, a member of Davidson’s first class of women, the first president of the Alumni Association, and a longtime Davidson trustee. Connor House moved into the current Patterson Court House in 1993. 

Our Mission

Connor House is a venue for interaction and companionship for female members of the Davidson College student body. Connor House provides dining, social, service, and community activities for its members, and aims to promote sisterhood through collaborative service and philanthropy to the greater community.


Dear friends and family, Thank you for joining our fight against breast cancer! Every spring for the past 13 years, women in Connor House have hosted this gala to raise money for early stage breast cancer research. We are so excited to participate in our 5th consecutive Bosom Buddies as leaders. During our three years of membership, Connor House has raised over $425,000 for breast cancer research. 100% of the money raised goes to earlier.org, the only non-profit in the country devoted solely to finding an earlier biological test for breast cancer. This year, we have one of the largest Service Executive Boards in Connor history, coming to a total of 25 girls! They have been invaluable in planning and executing the many service events we’ve held this semester, including:
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Charlotte. As always, we will pair up with Circle Up. Last year, they were one of five “Super Teams,” meaning they were one of the top five biggest fundraisers at the event!
Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, we usually celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Week in October, but this year we are celebrating the whole month again with a variety of new activities! Last year, we kicked off the month with Jar Stuffing with AKA where girls made nearly 160 inspiration jars for women fighting breast cancer. We also had a tie-dye recruiting event, where girls invited freshmen to the house to tie-dye “Big or Small” tanks. After that, we finished off the month with a Breast Cancer Panel consisting of speakers from Earlier.org, a Stick it to Cancer Field Hockey Game, and Think Pink events throughout campus and the town of Davidson.
2016 was Connor House’s most successful year to date, raising over $110,000, and we cannot wait to continue raising money in hopes of finding an earlier detection test for breast cancer. We hope we can rely on the generous family and friends of our house to uphold our tradition of outstanding service. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Connor House Class of 2018-19